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682 articles since March 25, 2007

Active Members: FyreFly - Hilbean - Kirkland - Macabreengel - Olaf

Welcome to the Whereabouts - this is the homepage of an Ohio-based gaming group. Currently, we play primarily Exalted, although we've played a great deal of OWoD and other games in the past. Most of our games are cataloged in the archives section. To avoid bot-editing, we currently have guest editing and account creation disabled, so get in touch with one of us if you'd like a place here.


  • Plundering the Past - A pirate crew goes on a treasure hunt.
  • Grass Spiders On You - The stories and adventures of the youngest circle of assassins among the infamous organization of assassins known as The Grass Spiders.
  • A Voyage into the Moirai - A young group of Solar Exalted gather in the Southeast of Creation to stem the rising tide of threats against Creation.
  • Plundering the Past - Three Solars join an infamous pirate in search of the Palace of the King of Three Seas.
  • Exalted Third Edition - Review and discuss third edition.
  • Character List - The grand list of Exalted characters.

Star Wars


  • Shadowrun 5.0 - Running the shadows in Seattle. What could be more classic?
  • Shadowrun - Our new 4th Edition Shadowrun game taking place in the California Free State.
  • F.A.T.E. Supply Closet - A list of equipment readily accessible to F.A.T.E. agents.
  • F.A.T.E. Garage - A list of vehicles owned by F.A.T.E.
  • F.A.T.E. Timeline - A concise, chronological list of all the events happening around F.A.T.E. and its agents.


Board Games