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Basic Info

Name: Tony (Mun)
AKA: ElfFudgeCookie/FyreFly
Concept: Player/Storyteller
Political Affiliation: Services are currently available for hire.
Anima: Fox
Motivation: All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

Weapon of Choice: Steel Trowel
Armor of Choice: Sturdy Boots & Hard Hat
Fighting Style: Abuse of Piercing Weaponry & Mass Combat System

To Do List


Tony is primarily a player in the various storylines run by this group though he occasionally gets behind the screen to storytell. He is 29 years old and graduated from The Ohio State University in December, 2009 with a major in Construction and Systems Management with a minor in Agribusiness.

He has been role playing for way too long with various different groups of people and has played DnD, Shadowrun, Starwars, Lot5R, WoD, and Exalted in an assortment of editions. He has also played online in a few settings including Rhydin, The Black Dragon Inn, The Merry Tankard, and The Old Tower Inn as well as a few others. Currently his favorite games are Vampire: The Masquerade and all aspects of Exalted. Currently Playing/Storytelling the group's in session Star Wars game and an active writer on the various settings and plots in development on the wiki.

Points of Interest