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Chapter 1: Meta Lives Matter


Important People

Player Characters




  • Auburn - The people who live here are the blue-collar wageslaves who keep the gears of Seattle spinning. The neighborhood is extremely insular, preferring to take care of its own problems, which includes a budding race war and a Mafia family trying to hold onto its seat of power. The neighborhood offers lifestyles from Middle on down.
  • Bellevue - If Downtown is where the rich and powerful go to play, then Bellevue is where they sleep at night, tucked away in tailored micro-arcologies and shuffled around the city in luxury APCs. While there are a few Middle class locations here, most of it is High and Luxury lifestyles.
  • Council Island - Technically a part of Salish-Shidhe, Council Island is an ambassadorial center for NAN countries dealing with UCAS in general and Seattle in particular. Council Island is full of greenery and traditional-looking buildings (the tech is just hidden out of view). A Salish-Shidhe SIN or passport is needed to live on the Island. Low to High lifestyles are available.
  • Downtown Seattle - Before the treaty of Denver created the Seattle city-state, Downtown was Seattle. Today, it's the heart of the sprawl. When people think of Seattle, they think of Downtown's skyline in its chrome-polished, neon-infused, never-sleeps, AR-enhanced glory. People living all lifestyles can be found in Downtown.
  • Everett - Not yet a barrens, not even definitely slated to become one, Everett is balanced on a teetering scale, waiting for one thing or another to shift the district into whatever it will become. There are high-tech corp facilities here, residences most of us can only dream about obtaining, but also areas of high abandonment, squatters' paradises, and traffic routes where smugglers outnumber law-abiding folks. People living all lifestyles can be found in Everett.
  • Fort Lewis - Fort Lewis is your chance to look at a totally different dystopia than the one we have. Instead of being corporate-controlled, it is an authoritarian military dystopia. Fort Lewis is home to all of the UCAS military forces on the west coast and then homes and businesses that support them. Low, Middle, and High lifestyles are available here.
  • Outremer - A collection of islands that consider themselves separate from the rest of Seattle.
    • Bainbridge Island - Luxury skyscrapers where the corporate elite never have to go below the 6th floor (where the workers live) and helicopters and VTOLs take executives to work in Downtown Seattle. While it technically has a suburb and country area, it is most known for its skyline and skywalks. All lifestyles are available somewhere on Bainbridge, although squatter and street are rare individuals living in the woods.
    • Vashon Island - Covered in sprawling estates and corporate retreats, Vashon Island is like one giant country club. Mostly luxury lifestyle but some high lifestyle.
  • Puyallup - Mix Rainier and refugees, ash and assholes, the Night of Rage and Tír Tairngire’s leftovers. After that, we layered on a couple generations of corrupt politicians and parasitic crime families sucking the place dry. Sprinkle with desperation. Add a pinch of hatred. Season to taste. Lifestyles start at Low and go lower.
  • Redmond - Where Seattle dreams come to die. Nothing thrives here. It's infertile, unproductive, and toxic. Tribes of gangs, acting like warlords, each control their own little slice of this hellhole. Powerful gangers can manage a low lifestyle but most people live a squatter or street life.
  • Renton - Renton isn't where business is done, it's the place where the nice, "good" people of Seattle call home and retire to when the working day is done. It's where families live and play in a nice, wholesome, neo-WASPey, family values state of domestic bliss. Characters living High, Middle, or Low lifestyles can live here.
  • Snohomish - Compared to the hustle and bustle of the Emerald City, the quiet country of Snohomish comes as quite a disquieting surprise. It's an old-fashioned community of farms, agribusiness, and secret testing sites. All lifestyles are available in Snohomish.
  • Tacoma - Tacoma was an area on the rise until more convenient shipping options opened up. Now the shoreline commerce that powered the area has dried up. As the wealthy business moved out, the gangs have been moving in. Characters can live anywhere from High to Street lifestyles in Tacoma.