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Whereabouts Specific

Basic Info

House Rules

New Rules or Systems

A completely new or heavily revised system or complete rule set.

Modified Rules or Systems

For any minor tweaks we make to an existing rule or system.

  • Piercing Damage - Finally, a ruling.
  • Artifact Armor - Because Super Heavy Plate isn't nearly as cool as Celestial Battle Armor.
  • Training Time - Because its boring to sit around and train for 8 hours a day, plot is more important!
  • Barbarian Languages - Because it's more complicated and less useful than it should be.
  • Familiars - Because Familiars are too cool to be this worthless.
  • Online Tick Based Combat - An idea for a better way to manage tick-based combat in online games.

General Info

Basic Info

  • - White Wolf is the publisher of just about all of the games that we play, they deserve a lot of credit for that. Also their forums are pretty extensive and fun.
  • - A pretty extensive list of forums, not dedicated to exalted by any means. Great community.
  • Voidstate's Exalted Name Generator - Probably the best exalted name generator I've ever come across. Great for making exalts with titles.

Other Wikis

  • White Wolf's Exalted Wiki - White-Wolf's semi official wiki with a ton of great content. Some of this is canon and some is fan content. Also contains a developer run errata that gives official feedback from the writers.
  • The Unofficial Exalted Wiki - Extensive wiki all about exalted, contains tons of great stuff!
  • Fixalted Wiki - A wiki from Bazzalisk mostly revolved around changes to the system but also includes some pretty extensive errata.
  • Conrad Hubbard's Exalted Wiki - Conrad Hubbard is a great wiki to find some very cool ideas. This wiki is a lot like ours in its designed purpose.

Character Sheets


  • Anathema Program - My personal favorite exalted management tool. Great piece of software for tracking storylines and characters.
  • Ed's Exalted Program - Another exalted management program. I haven't used this one as much as Anathema but I've heard its the most extensive exalted software out there.