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Chapter 2

Chapter 1

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F.A.T.E. PCs

This is a concise, chronological list of all the events happening around F.A.T.E. and its agents.


November 2073

November 5

  • Chapter 2 comes to an end and every member of F.A.T.E. has their destiny altered in the events of Shadowrun: Old Friends.

August 2073

August 21

  • Barry, Eric, Wex, and Desmond depart the San Jose safe house for Mount Shasta to discuss FATE's backing from the dragon there.

August 19

  • Hector, Oni, Wex, and Eric meet with Krista Lively at her apartment while Wex is invisible and exchange information about FATE.

August 17

  • Doc meets with his mother on board his boat, explaining that she needed to lay low elsewhere until things settle down. Doc gives her a credstick with 2000 nuyen and puts her on a bus to Redding, where he thinks she'll be safely removed from the political upheaval about to take place.

August 15

  • Barry secures funding from independent backers and FATE salaries are reinstated to all existing members, without rank all pay grade's are equal.

July 2073

July 22

  • Barry, Eric, Doc, and Dimitri return from Japan onboard a cargo ship controlled by the Yakuza. Upon arriving in San Francisco the government is waiting and raids the boat in search of the FATE members, however FATE agents slip through the grasp of the Coast Guard and other agents.

July 11

  • J.P. Redman is indicted on several charges of conspiracy and treason. He turns himself into authorities after instructing all F.A.T.E. agents to survive.
  • Interpol issues RED notices on Barry Stearns, Eric Black, Dmitri, and Doc, who are all in Neo-Tokyo when the chaos begins.
  • F.A.T.E. HQ is raided by Lone Star and the CFS military. Oni, Wex, and Desmond are able to escape. Dr. Yau is left behind. Arrest warrants are issued for Oni, Wex, and Desmond.

June 2073

June 4

  • Eric Black obtains a fake SIN.

May 2073

May 11

  • Barry Stearns arrives in JIS and meets up with F.A.T.E. agents stationed there, with the relocation of almost half of F.A.T.E.'s staff Barry sets up a temporary mini-HQ in JIS. Agents are ordered to lay low and avoid attention while political issues are resolved in CFS.

May 10

  • Anastasia Ellison is fired from F.A.T.E. for undisclosed reasons. Hector and Van are assigned to monitor her movement and communication covertly.

May 9

  • Eric, Wex, Anastasia, and Desmond succeed on a metaplanar quest to destroy the great form tree spirit at the center of the Kent Lake astral rift, causing the rift to disappear. Anastasia's encounter with the Dweller revealed to the other agents that she was withholding information from the team about the Ellison administration's threat to F.A.T.E. and its agents.
  • J.P. sends Barry Stearns to Neo-Tokyo, JIS to meet up with Eric, Doc, and Dmitri, spreading out F.A.T.E.'s leadership as a precautionary measure.

May 8

  • Gideon returns from San Jose with a newly acquired Power Foci (Rating 3). A small dusty-red rock, that is in actuality a piece of recovered Martian meteorite, attached to thin chain of oricalcum worn around his neck.

May 7

  • Eric, Doc, and Dmitri investigate Sergei Novikov, mind-probing him and receiving new information on the disappearance of Dmitri's family and Evo's Technomancer-abducting operation.

May 6

  • Gideon spends the weekend in San Jose, visiting his talismonger Balin Kingus. Though he periodically checks in, he is mostly out of contact and spends several extended periods apparently off the grid. Gideon notified J.P. that he would be difficult to reach for the weekend before leaving.

May 5

May 2

  • Doc undergoes surgery, headed by Artemi Tarasova, to implant alphaware Muscle Toner and remove Muscle Replacements.

May 1

  • Gideon Wexler is awarded F.A.T.E. Employee of the Month for April.
  • F.A.T.E.'s Human Resources department announces a 1,000¥ pay raise for all agents, beginning with May 1's paycheck.
  • The astral rift at Kent Lake becomes a permanent fixture, and news organizations worldwide begin reporting on its existence.

April 2073

April 28

  • Doc contacts Artemi Tarasova about acquiring Muscle Toner and scheduling surgery to adjust his implants.

April 26

  • Eric, Ana, and Gideon return from the metaplanes with the two missing children. They recount their experiences with J.P. and Barry, revealing Shiawase Agriculture's metaplanar experiments, Yukawa Sato's demise, and the agreement they made with Manami Coltrane that establishes her as an informant for F.A.T.E.

April 21

April 19

  • A single mother from San Geronimo reports her two children missing.

April 17

  • Doc is seen lingering around Dr. Yau's laboratory observing and discussing some of the work performed by Dr. Yau's lab assistants.
  • A strange lighting phenomena is reported by evacuated residents of several communities surrounding Kent Lake.

April 8

  • F.A.T.E.'s Team 1 boards a CFS Postal Transport from Boston Metroplex Airport for San Francisco. Arrive in San Francisco at 4:55 PM local time.

April 7

April 3

April 2

  • The CFS Coast Guard experiences a security breech in their primary computer database. F.A.T.E. along with many CFS government programs are alerted as a precautionary measure.
  • F.A.T.E. Team 2 meets with a group of shadowrunners in a downtown coffee shop, negotiations turn into a gun fight in the streets of the city. All three shadowrunners were killed, two civilians were hospitalized, and collateral damage was in six-figures.

April 1

  • Oni is awarded F.A.T.E. Employee of the Month for March.
  • Eric Black is promoted to Special Agent, and is the first agent to be promoted since F.A.T.E.'s founding. His monthly salary increases to 8,500¥.
  • Eric, Doc, and Anna travel to Boston Metroplex.

March 2073

March 31

  • Gideon Wexler undergoes a group initiation rite and learns the Masking metamagic.
  • Doc installs Alphaware Cerebral Boosters and a Betaware Math SPU into Dmitri. He takes a 2,900¥ cut.

March 30

  • Anastasia and Gideon's medical condition improved to fair, but they both still experience some discomfort (-1 penalty).
  • J.P. Redman travels to Sacramento and attends several closed door meetings with Barry Stearns, President Ellison, and other top government officials.
  • Charles Ellison has a private conversation with Anastasia, urging her to leave F.A.T.E.

March 28

  • Doc's radiation poisoning symptoms improve. His condition is upgraded to good.

March 24

  • Manami Coltrane is fired from her position as CEO of Shiawase CFS.

March 23

  • Anastasia and Gideon's medical status upgraded to serious but stable.

March 20

  • A nuclear meltdown occurs at Shiawase Atomics' Drakes Bay Nuclear Power Station following a successful covert operation to disable the facility. Dr. Yau was briefly captured by an agent of Shiawase's feared Market Information & Forecasting Department but later rescued.
  • Anastasia Ellison and Gideon Wexler are treated for severe acute radiation poisoning. Doc, Dr. Yau, Oni, and J.P. Redman receive treatment for lesser effects of radiation exposure.

March 17

  • Anastasia undergoes a group initiation rite and learns the Adept Centering metamagic.

March 10

  • Orran Goffard, Lockheed's CFS Head of Corporate Security, is assassinated by Gideon Wexler.

March 3

  • Anastasia finds a new home in the Golden Gate Heights district.

March 1

February 2073

February 27

  • Anastasia begins taking diving lessons in preparation for her next assignment.

February 14

February 8

  • Desmond Sands requests extraction from his undercover position at Pendleton EnviroTech in Los Angeles. F.A.T.E. rescues him from an Aztec sacrificial ritual taking place in the Deep Lacuna.

February 6

  • Doc meets with parole officer Sebastian Abrams for scheduled periodic update on his adjustment to life out of prison, Doc is forced to explain that his injuries are from falling down a flight of stairs. No really, they are.
  • Eric initiates and learns the Psychometry metamagic.

February 4

February 2

February 1

January 2073

January 31

  • After recovery from surgery Doc stops by his city apartment to drop next months rent off for his mother, keeps his visit as short as possible before heading to the docks to check in with Brandon Knox and restock his Long Haul supply.

January 30

  • Anastasia purchases platelet factories and some Cram.

January 29

  • Doc purchases betaware cyberears, betaware cybereyes, and a deltaware internal air-tank.

January 24

  • Anastasia begins searching for cerebral boosters.
  • Dmitri has been spotted at the gym, which is rare for him.
  • Hector is trying to reduce his dependence on Betameth and is suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

January 22

January 20-21

  • F.A.T.E. agents successfully recover an artifact from a terrorist organization aboard Platform Harvest.

January 12

  • A fire breaks out at F.A.T.E. Headquarters, forcing an evacuation of the post office. Dr. Yau makes a chilling discovery: the devices are "mana bombs," designed to do damage on the astral plane.

January 2

  • Federal authorities execute search warrants on properties owned by Senator Yasuji Shimada. F.A.T.E. recovers a mana device.

January 1


December 2072

December 31

December 24

December 17

  • Lone Star opens an investigation into Senator Yasuji Shimada after reports of a dead body on his property surfaced.

December 16

December 8-9

  • Doc strikes a deal with Hachiro Makoto: Makoto will remain quiet regarding Doc's escape from Alcatraz, in return, Doc will supply Makoto with a fake SIN and take out a Yakuza member that has dirt on both of them. Doc, Eric, and Ana carry out the assassination.

December 6

December 2

  • F.A.T.E. agents intercept a shipment of mysterious devices being shipped from Shiawase's Drakes Bay Nuclear Power Station to the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Hachiro Makoto, Doc's former cellmate, is released from Alcatraz after serving his 10 year sentence.

November 2072

November 23-24

  • F.A.T.E. investigates the kidnapping of Dr. Hideki Tonogawa, a nuclear scientist at Shiawase Atmoics. They rescue him from a shadowrunning team that was holding him for ransom.

September 2072

September 26

June 2072

June 13

  • Kumiko Nakamura is reassigned to F.A.T.E. for the remainder of his contract. J.P. Redman is given authority over the contract, due to expire on December 31, 2075.

June 3

  • Kumiko Nakamura is released from Alcatraz Prison under the supervision of parole officer Sebastion Abrams.



November 2070

November 4

  • Charles Ellison of the Technocratic Party narrowly defeats incumbent President Arthur Newman in California's 2070 Presidential Election.

October 2070

October 20


  • F.A.T.E. is founded as a secretive division of the California Department of Homeland Security. J.P. Redman, Barry Stearns, and Dr. Kefeng Yau are the founding members.