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Chapter 2

Chapter 1

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F.A.T.E. PCs


Melee Weapons

  • Survival Knife
    • Dmg (STR/2+1), AP -1
    • Contains a retractable GPS monitor, micro-lighter, and a compartment to hold one small item.
    • Flat side of the blade is covered with non-toxic chemical that can be activated to provide 2 hours of phosphorescent light.
  • Stun Baton
    • Reach 1, Dmg 6S(e), AP -half, Ammo 10
  • Shock Glove
    • Dmg 5S(e), AP -half, Ammo 10

Projectile & Throwing

  • Fichetti Security 600 (Light Pistol) - The F.A.T.E. standard issued sidearm for all employees, though many field operatives opt for their own more powerful firearm of choice.
    • Dmg 4P, Mode SA, RC (1), Ammo 30(c)
    • Detachable Folding Stock: RC +1
    • Laser Site: +1
  • Defiance EX Shocker (Taser) - F.A.T.E. dispatches agents with Tasers for non-lethal missions.
    • Dmg 8s(e), AP -half, Mode SS, Ammo 4
    • May be used as a Melee weapon at close range.
  • Ares Alpha (Assault Rifle) - 3 rifles recovered during Session 12: Shifting Sands, Part II were saved F.A.T.E.'s use.
    • Dmg 6P, AP -1, Mode SA/BF/FA, RC 2, Ammo 42(c)
    • Underbarrel Grenade Launcher: Mode SS, Ammo 6(c)
    • Built in smartgun system
  • HK XM30 (Weapon Platform)
    • Assault Rifle: Dmg 6P, AP -1, Mode SA/BF/FA, RC 3(4), Ammo 30(c)
    • Underbarrel Grenade Launcher: Mode SS, Ammo 8(c)
      • Grenade Link
    • Sniper Rifle: Dmg 7P, AP -2, Mode SA, RC 3(4), Ammo 10(c)
      • Imaging Scope
    • Underbarrel Shotgun: Dmg 7P, AP +1, Mode SA, RC 3(4), Ammo 10(c)
    • Built in Smartgun System
    • Rigid Stock with Shockpad: +1 RC
    • Level 3 Gas-Vent System: +3 RC
    • Automatics + Agility (5, 1 minute extended test) to swap modules



  • F.A.T.E. keeps well stocked with Regular Ammo for most standard Light Pistols, Heavy Pistols, Machine Pistols, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Shotguns. Exotic weapon ammo and more deadly ammo must be obtained by individual operatives.


  • Actioneer Business Clothes are the standard uniform for F.A.T.E. operatives and F.A.T.E. is happy to keep it's operatives armored and looking professional. Though field operatives often chose for various other forms of armor over business clothes.
    • Ballistic 5/Impact 3
    • Concealable Holster Included
  • Armor Vests are commonly worn by field operatives during missions where combat is expected, these lightweight vests are light enough to be worn under clothing but offer more protection than the standard Actioneer Business Clothes.
    • Ballistic 6/Impact 4


  • Tactical Goggles - F.A.T.E.'s available tactical goggles come standard for use during field missions, at least a half dozen are typically stocked at HQ
    • Low Light Vision
    • Vision Magnification
    • Image Link
    • Flare Compensation
  • Novatech Airwave (Response 3, Signal 3) - F.A.T.E.'s standard issue commlink if agents don't have their own.
    • F.A.T.E. Operating System (Firewall 5, System 5)
    • Analyze 4, Browse 4, Edit 4, Encrypt 6, Scan 4

Sensors & Jammers

  • Jammer (Rating 6)
    • F.A.T.E. has a limited supply of jammers for use within the facility as well as for operatives to use during missions.
  • Directional Jammer (Rating 6)
    • F.A.T.E. has a limited supply of directional jammers for operatives to use during their missions.
  • Headjammer (Rating 6)
    • Used to jam an individuals headware, F.A.T.E. has a limited supply mostly around for use in detaining prisoners.
  • Micro-Transceivers (Rating 6)
    • Standard short-range communication devices used by operatives while on mission when Comlinks alone won't do. Earbuds and subvocal microphones keep them discreet while allowing vocal communication without any implants. Self contained system so signal cannot be boosted by towers in city, but allows Signal 6 communication even in isolated places.

Security Devices

  • Autopicker (Rating 6)
  • Keycard Copier (Rating 6)
  • Latex Face Mask
  • Lockpick Sets - Necessary tools for breaking and entering are not in short supply.
  • Maglock Passkey (Rating 6)
  • Maglock Sequencer (Rating 6)
  • Wire Clippers

Survival Gear

  • Chemical Suit (Rating 6) - Dr. Yau's lab is stocked with several high class chemical suits to protect him and anyone else who enters the lab from whatever experiments Dr. Yau might be performing.
  • Climbing Gear - F.A.T.E. has sent their agents into some tough to reach places, there is typically enough climbing gear in the HQ for all the field operatives to use.
  • Diving Gear - F.A.T.E. isn't exactly an amphibious unit, but they recognize the need to be prepared for any situation. After 'Pandemonium at The Harvest' there is enough diving gear for all the field operatives to use.
  • Hazmat Suit - Dr. Yau has a pair of hazmat suits available in his lab for use during the most dangerous of his experiments, even he rarely needs to resort to using them.
  • Flashlights, Light Sticks, and Magnesium Torches are never in short supply for field operatives to use when needed.
  • Gas Masks & Respirators (Rating 6) - Are stocked throughout the facility with extras for operatives to take into the field when needed, F.A.T.E. isn't above using gas against their foes and must be prepared for the same from them.
  • Grapple Gun - Needed for sorts of infiltration missions, F.A.T.E. keeps at least half a dozen grapple guns ready for use.
  • Survival Kit - All F.A.T.E. vehicles keep a survival kit in their trunk in case of emergency, and several more are available in the Supply Closet if needed.
  • Several thousand meters of microwire and standard rope are kept in the supply closet for different uses by the operatives, both can be used with the grapple guns or carried for other purposes.


  • Biomonitors: F.A.T.E. provides operatives with Biomonitors to monitor their general health and for use in case of emergency so the organization and DocWagon can be alerted when necessary.
  • Medkit (Rating 6): F.A.T.E. keeps well stocked with Medkits given the nature of their work, they are always available to operatives for missions and come stocked in all F.A.T.E. provided vehicles.
    • Antidote Patch (Rating 6): 1 patch is typically included in F.A.T.E. issued Medkits.
    • Stimulant Patch (Rating 6): 1 patch is typically included in F.A.T.E. issued Medkits.
    • Trauma Patch (Rating 6): 1 patch is typically included in F.A.T.E. issued Medkits.