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1st Edition Archives

The Zerund Conlict

The mess begins with unstable Solar Exalt Daedric Cyrus paying an unspeakable price for the secrets of the Great Curse. Upon learning them, he goes mad and summons a dead alien god to "cleanse" the world of its incurably corrupt life forces. Soon enough, cults arise, politicians scheme, deals are made, and the nastiest conspiracy this side of the Usurpation erupts forth in no time flat. As if things weren't bad enough, the Ebon Dragon lies on the verge of a breakthrough in his quest to free the Yozis of their prison. Plenty of big swords, wandering warriors, riddle-talking monks, and enigmatic sorcerers to go around here.

Character List

Solar Exalts

  • Blue - Shadows from Shores Forgotten
  • Bryce - Exit Mundi
  • Eden - Exit Mundi
  • Eiji - Exit Mundi & Shadows from Shores Forgotten
  • Emi Naoki -Shadows from Shores Forgotten
  • Eric - Exit Mundi
  • Esenius - Exit Mundi & Shadows from Shores Forgotten
  • Hahn - Shadows from Shores Forgotten
  • Jack - Exit Mundi
  • Jenkins - Shadows from Shores Forgotten
  • Kevik - Shadows from Shores Forgotten
  • Mandrake - Shadows from Shores Forgotten
  • Noah - Shadows from Shores Forgotten
  • Seth - Exit Mundi
  • Thawn - Exit Mundi
  • Xyza - Shadows from Shores Forgotten
  • Yuji - Shadows from Shores Forgotten

Terrestrial Exalts

2nd Edition Archives

The Bishop's Albatross

Recognizing the threat posed by the First and Forsaken Lion, the Gold Faction of Sidereals has groomed a warrior from his birth to crush the Deathlord and his forces. Unfortunately, as the extent of Abyssal knowledge regarding Bureau and Sidereal operating procedures becomes clear, the possibility of an internal leak seems ever more plausible. Internal blame for these leaks often falls on those most familiar with the Deathlords, and as a result, those best-equipped to defeat the Abyssal threat are often prevented from doing so by the very organizations that created them.

Disaster has stricken, a prominent Sidereal master is dead, and Heaven's agents head southward with little notion of what to expect. They may find a once-noble warrior on a bloodthirsty rampage, driven off the edge by attempts to control him, or they may find evidence of betrayal by one of their own. The weeds of corruption have become entangled in the Loom of Fate, and it is the task of Heaven's agents to uproot them.

Champions of The Machine God

A brief mini game set to take place in Autochthonia to explore the unfamiliar realm and it's champions. The story will follow Assembly D313 in the nation of Sova in the immediate wake of the destruction of the patropolis Ixut. The assembly will be tasked with the added duty of protecting the metropolis Retzor: The Great Crawler and pursuing any dark powers that threaten the metropolis or nation as a whole.

Dreams of Iron

This plot is still largely in the making, but it will chronicle an unfolding conspiracy against the First Age Deliberative as it is discovered by a few notable Solar-Lunar pairs.

Grass Spiders On You

The stories and adventures of the youngest circle of assassins among the infamous organization of assassins known as The Grass Spiders. Infamous and feared across Creation, The Grass Spiders are as eclectic, and sometimes loony, as they are dangerous.


Overworld is the story of a group Celestial Exalts and their rise to power in the North. The story begins in the Realm satrapy of Frostgate, a small region in the central North, several hundred miles west of Gethamane. A loose alliance between two Solars, one Sun King Seneschal Lunar, and an honorable dragon-blooded mercenary captain proves to be the end of the local governor's iron grip on the people of Covenant.

Shadow in the East

Aided by three new deathknights, the 13th Deathlord makes her move on creation.

The Silence of Few

This is the tale of group of Solars who arose in the West. The West is generally an unfriendly place to the so-called Anathema, but if their ambitions to reform the area can be realized, it may rise as a state leading Creation into its Third Age.

Sins of the Fathers

This is the story of young nobles coming of age and and challenging the old guard in order to save the Realm. It is the story of youth paying for their parents mistakes. It is the story of children more mature than their elders. It is the story of the saviors of an empire.

A Song for the Goats

The Scavenger Lands are the area of Creation most ripe for drastic change. Given that within its borders lie Nexus, the Guild's home city; Lookshy, the Shogunate remnant Dragon-Blooded kingdom and strongest military power in the Threshold; Great Forks, a city where spirits and elementals walk freely among men; Thorns, a city ruled by the Deathlord The Mask Winters; and the highest retained concentration of reincarnated Solars, it seems inevitable that cataclysm and revolution will become anything but commonplace in this perilous region. More than any individual, A Song for the Goats is the tale of the Scavenger Lands itself, and how certain fated Exalts come to bring about the changes it undergoes as the Second Age progresses.