A Voyage into the Moirai

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The Story

The main plot featuring three young Solar Exalted who are brought together by unusual regional circumstances in The Southeast of Creation where powerful supernatural forces threaten to usher in the next Creation-Shattering event in The Time of Tumult.


Short stories that take place in the same EX3 Universe as the main story, which may be intricate plot points or only loosely related to the events.

Important People

Player Characters




  • EX3 Minor Characters - Characters of our EX3 universe significant enough to be named, but not deserving of their own character page.


  • Beggar's Beach - A beach a day's north of Champoor that serves as the city's leper colony, and refuge for the ill.
  • Olladom's Pass - At the foot of The Summer Mountains just south of Ember, Olladom's Pass is a small, but important city to both The South and South-East, especially to travelers and traders.
  • Olladom's Shadow - A farming town on the east end of Olladom's Pass in the foothills of The Summer Mountains, it's fate is tied to that of it's big brother, Olladom's Pass.
  • Red Cedar Hills - A small city on the north-western edge of The Dragon Blooded Empire of Prasad where our players begin investigating several dark occurrences.
  • The Coral Skull Lagoon - A Wyld engulfed island not far from Champoor, ruled by the raksha Five Tailed Fox.